Ambient Performance

Choose between our performers to flow to the music in the background of your event, any and all themes from circus to woodland to wedding.

1 hour of ambience: 3-4 performers

2 hours of ambience: 4-5 performers

3 hours of ambience: 5-6 performers

Routine add on

Great for if there is a sit down moment at your event whether a meal or between the next item on the agenda.

Choose from any Calliope Circus Members acts before the event to know exactly what entertainment you are hiring. Available for any theme from Circus to Burlesque

*Minimum of 15 minutes of performance*

Half or Full Show

Hire Calliope Circus as a whole to perform a full show at your event. Can be a specific theme classic circus or Burlesque. 

Each qualifying Member would perform 2 various aerial and/or ground acts consisting of either solos or duos for up to an hour show.

*must be booked 3 months in advance*

Birthday Cake

Wedding or Birthday Party

Calliope Circus is available for weddings or birthday parties please contact for details